Monday, May 21, 2012


Growing, my how Elle is growing.  Finally she has found her voice.  A single bark here, double bark there.  It grew into Elle barking at Chance to come outside and play with her.  Elle barks at the new, very poorly mannered puppy next door.  She also speaks in a series of broken whines when she is hungry, impatient, wanting attention, wanting me out of bed.  There are endless bouts of running a race track in the back yard and in the house.  Neither dogs stop playing now when they catch me watching.  Today I witnessed their first game of tug-o-war.   Elle won't play directly with me, yet. I think that's coming though.

We didn't walk today and I've noticed that they two are extremely playful when they haven't been walked.  Too much excess energy makes for feisty dogs.  Speaking of feisty, Elle is  pushing her boundaries and trying to tell me "no".  It's pretty funny.  If I wait long enough she usually decided to give in with the exception of getting in the bath tub.  Chance even jumped in with the special "Old Roy" treats.  Elle, poor Elle ended up in the back yard with a hose.  She just down right refused to get in.  I'm now on the prowl for one of those dog wash places although I haven't given up the idea of training her with some dry runs and see if that won't help.  

Overall, my Elle is growing comfortable.  I think that is a good thing.


Michelle said...


I see there are no veggies yet in those beautiful garden beds. :(

Is that your neighbors dog? The shepherd?

Reva said...

I admit the pics are a week or two old and there are 4 planters....the other two have some stuff in them I believe. I planted some veggies in containers so the dogs would be less tempted to dig them up. The GSD pup is Josh Rumfield's dog; he is cutting the grass for me until I am strong enough to push the lawn mower. Chance and Elle LOVE playing with his pup Ripley.

Reva said...

PS. I made the garden beds myself. I'm glad you think they are beautiful.