Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day One: All Tuckered Out

We made it home safe and sound. As a rule I NEVER go over the hill in the winter when the weather is dicey.  Yet I knew this dog was supposed to be mine.  At least I thought I knew.  When Michelle asked me if I had chains or snow tires I was stunned.  I'd never thought of it.

 Ellie is a curious Irish Wolfhound girl collecting all the smells, both inside and outside, that she can.  We took a short 15 minute walk together, the three of us, so Chance and Ellie can begin to pull together as a pack.  The walk went quite well.  We met another dog and two neighbor children and Ellie was a champ.  Chance finally relaxed and played a little ball and raced around in the back yard.  Later Ellie flipped upsided down on the grass and wanted a belly rub.  Chance came over and licked her once.  Later she did finally settle in the living room and was going to sleep.  Chance did something that unsettled her and she gave him a growl;  I think he was trying to get her to play by waking her up.  He didn't flinch.  I gave them the "no" noise.  It stopped.  It happened once again.  I did the same.   They are just now both finally settled into the bedroom on their beds and I think there will be lots of sleep had by all tonight.  She does give some big, sloppy kisses, I will say that for her :)
I tried to get Ellie to "sit" for her dinner without success.  She did understand "waiting" after I placed her food bowl until I gave her the "okay", but that was by body language, not by a command.  Not having been a pet, she doesn't have basic commands.  I just figured that out.   It isn't a bad thing, just a place for us to start learning.  I'm very grateful her foster Mom taught her to get in and out of the car.......that is so useful!  On a similar note, she hasn't used a doggy door ever.  I started to get her used to the flap tonight and she is a bit gun shy about it.   She seemed confused tonight as to where to settle down and sleep.  Her foster Mom emailed that she had never slept inside the house. 

Right now Ellie is dream "running" in her sleep.

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sleepycathollow said...

I'm so glad you started this blog! It will be therapeutic for you and bring us smiles.