Friday, March 23, 2012

Over A Week:

It has been over a week since the Irish Wolfhound Ellie (aka Elle) entered my life.  Right now I would summarize her as the largest puppy I've ever had.  While she is definitely adult in size, on the inside she is still a pup.  Everything is new to her and she is curious about absolutely everything.  She is quite content following me from room to room.  Often she gets herself into spaces too small to turn around so she has had to learn to go backwards.  I just realized I should capitalize on that and teach her the command "back". 

She no longer views our walks as punishment and when I rattle the leashes she starts to get excited.  I admit we all could use more walking.  This wind has been problematic.  Yesterday it was blowing down trash cans as we were walking which was spooking Elle.  Then it tossed sand in my face.  We turned tail and went back home.

The dog door is a work in progress.  It took Chance a while to really master the dog door in the wall.  Elle should catch on soon.  It has only been a week.  She is very proud herself that she can can "sit" which I find adorable.  She is so willing to try new and strange things. I should have that attitude.

 We have a vet appointment tomorrow to establish her as a patient.  It will be her first car ride since the long trip from California.  She is still holding back "playing", maybe just waiting to see if the other shoe is going to drop.  When I came home for lunch the two dogs were sleeping peacefully together in the shade on the patio with the wind rustling through their fur.   

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Michelle said...

Glad to hear everyone is settling into their new lives with each other!

We need more pictures!