Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Six: A New Trick?

Today I felt better as I've been recovering from this flu that has plagued me.  When I came home for lunch the dogs and I took a two mile walk.   I'm not up to the usual three miles yet even if they are.  Elle did great.  We met two neighbors with new pup and they wanted to know if they could introduce the puppy to my dogs so the pup would get used to new dogs and situations.  It went smooth.  While Elle lacked  interest in the pup, Chance and the pup were instantly play mates.  When we arrived at home I put both dogs in the back yard and shuttled back  to work.  

When I came home I was greeted with a big sloppy kiss. That in itself would not be unusual except that I had left both dogs outside and the dog that greeted me was Elle; she doesn't know how to use the dog door yet, or does she?  What is Chance teaching her when I am gone?  I have the urge to get a nanny cam. 


sleepycathollow said...

LOL! A nana cam...that would be great. Am so glad Ellie is settling into her new home and that you and the "kids" are doing great.

Love the new look of the blog. :)

Reva said...

Thanks. It isn't as beautiful as yours but I am having fun playing with it.